Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Come see our new farm store!

We have become a "Point of Sale" farm! As of this moment, we have fresh organic eggs, fresh-ground wheat flour and assorted breads for sale.
One dozen fresh organic eggs - $3.50
Wheat bread - $3.50
White bread - $3.50
Sourdough wheat bread - $3.50
Fresh-ground whole wheat flour - $2.50 per pound
Sourdough starter - $5.00
We have cleaned up the garage and have it set up for selling from there. There is a refrigerator right there for the eggs and anything else we need to keep cool.
If you want fresh-baked bread (or anything else we offer), call us before you come out to see what we have available. That being said, we will ALWAYS have eggs and flour on hand. Can't wait for the produce to start appearing so we can sell that, too. We're not far from being able to offer fresh-picked greens, foraged greens, wild onions and morels! Yes we will be selling morels, so spread the word for us!
We are also beginning the process of corning our own beef brisket today.
Hope to see you soon.

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